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Think Tank

We are POOGLE, sprouted from a deep seeded conviction that good design is born from the wisdom of the hand, we think, tinker and disrupt to create new thriving creative digital communications. We’re colorful. We’re savvy. We’re an eccentric mix of the mundane and the extraordinary. We are a dream factory that delivers fantastic Branding, Graphic services, Web design & development, Illustration and all cool creative things that you can imagine. We mix fresh design, smart thinking and robust code in total harmony committed to making a difference in your business.


We are from the land of colors (India) deeply rooted in the cotton city of Tamil Nadu – Coimbatore. 4 years old, Poogle Media is a full service atelier which applies its creative mojo to every room a brand walks into. It’s work that speaks for itself. And it speaks volumes. Inspired, unexpected solutions that make an impression create a connection, provoke a response. We work with clients big and small, near and far. We love to surf and grow our own tangy mangoes. We’re married to the planet & are exploring ways to tell your story and inspire passion for your brand.


A love for technology & design. A curiosity for what’s possible. An excitement to push things forward. This is what drives us. We work day and night to create bold visions for complicated problems, making simple and clear solutions with styles that bring twinkles to our clients’ eyes. All to gain the requisite expertise to go from concept to reality, with confidence and a touch of bravado. We can’t wait to work with you and build something awesome together.

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We care

Your business is our business. With every project, we take the time to get to know you, your company and your customers. We like to form lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with all of our clients. Hopefully from the glowing testimonials you’ll get an idea of just how happy we make our clients!

No Fluff

Direct communication with the team working on your project. No back and forth through middlemen. we always strive to maintain efficiency so you get the best bang for your buck. We’re a small team, which means you get to work directly with those assigned to your project – never more than a phone call or email away.

Result Led

Poogle’s team is of diverse personalities always ignited with fresh & creative ideas. Each providing you with a vast understanding of the consumer, business, trade markets and design trends of today.Our aim is always to make your Business thrive with great roi and your customers (and accountant) smile. If it sounds like we’d be a great match, why not get in touch and find out just how much value we can add to your business.


About Poogle

We’re colorful. We’re savvy. We’re an eccentric mix of the mundane and the extraordinary. We make things beautiful. We create beautiful artwork and use green design to generate a socially and ecologically responsible message.

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